In Your Dreams Bub!

Check out the newest art print in the shop sec­tion, show­cas­ing tis trag­i­cally epic crossover between everyone’s favorite adaman­tium clawed mutant Wolver­ine and everyone’s favorite bad dream Freddy!

Gno­sis is IN!

Intrin­sic Nature has released their 14th Exper­i­ment! And inside you will find a nice lit­tle tid­bit from “Focus” enti­tled “Gno­sis”. Head on over to Intrin­sic Nature http://​Intrin​sic​Na​ture​.net to check out all the work!


5thGM has sat down with the peo­ple over at Skill­share to develop a course for aspir­ing and expe­ri­enced artists! Head on over to Skill​share​.com and look for Teacher 5thGM to learn how to draw Rock­ing Vec­tor Char­ac­ters in Adobe Illustrator!

Sharp Real­ity

The Pho­to­graphic and Illus­tra­tive Series Sharp Real­ity, cre­ated by the fan­tas­ti­cally awe­some duo of 5thGM and Nay­marie. A col­lab­o­ra­tive pho­toil­lus­tra­tive explo­ration using the beau­ti­ful Asia Dia­mond as a muse.

The Chase

The Good Old Wolf Juice Rav­en­ous series! Head over to WolfJuice​.com and check out some more of the work cre­ated by 5thGMStore/​KMAStore com­ing soon!

Crea­ture Capture

A blast from the past! Tak­ing a look back to 2012, who can remem­ber the cast of the Sar­casm Series? Brush up on your knowl­edge of 5thGMStore/KMAStore’s cus­tom illus­trated shirt mod­els over at Face​book​.com/​5​t​h​G​M​S​t​o​r​e or at 5thGM​.com!

New Art Series?

5thGM/​KMA has been work­ing around the clock and pulling inspi­ra­tion from some of our older pieces… should we expect some new art to be grac­ing us in the near future?

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K.M.A. “Give ‘em some­thin’ to com­plain about!”

What’s New?

April 24, 2014 The Maze Run­ner

Maze Run­ner… what can I say… The trailer INSTANTLY got me curi­ous about this movie… so curi­ous in fact that I searched to see if there was a book…

April 24, 2014 Now and For­ever

Soooooooo… I recently fin­ished devel­op­ing a piece for a few dear fri

April 10, 2014 Skillfeed

Just a heads up for you art-​heads who may be inter­ested in learn­ing ju

April 10, 2014 Portable N64 by Bun­gle

What would the world be like if we just had more inven­tors? I think th

April 3, 2014 Top 5 Games of All Time

So, recently, I have been ask­ing myself… what are your favorite game

March 30, 2014 The Halo Nov­els

So I promised myself that once I did in fact catch up on all of the Ha

K.M.A. Shout Outs!

I gotta say, we did pretty well for this new 5thGMStore, so if you don’t like it… there’s a good ol’ bucket full of “i don’t care” wait­ing for you at the door ;) lol
- Focus,
Dope dope DOPE new site!! Love the direc­tion you’re in. New site… good. Cool videos… good. Dope tees… GOOD! Never cease to sur­prise me, never fol­low the cur­rent, Never Sac­ri­fice Cre­ativ­ity! <3 NayMarie
- Nay Marie,
I really enjoyed the site. Although try­ing to nav­i­gate a web­site with one good eye after mid­night is dif­fi­cult. Nev­er­the­less, I truly enjoy the direc­tion 5THGM is going! Can’t wait to con­tinue to expe­ri­ence this amaz­ing process. Great work! *Ran­dom thought* “When did I become crazy??? About 3 months ago I woke up one morn­ing and I was mar­ried for pineap­ple… I loved the pineap­ple ♥… times got hard… and I got hun­gry… so some­body had to go…” “It’s lit­tle things, the mis­cel­la­neous things, that spike our inter­est, enhance our cre­ativ­ity, and sep­a­rate us from the norm! Let’s face it being nor­mal has to suck major don­key balls!!! because every­one is try­ing to be like EVERYONE!!!”-LYNN G.
- Lynn… the Gov­ern­ment knows the rest… ,

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